Space Thief

Space Thief’s New Website

In a dusty saloon in a barren, backwater planet, Space Thief got tired of failing to make eye contact with the other patrons, and decided to check on that old website again. This site looks as empty and forlorn as this here saloon, he mused. He had been pondering a change of scenery for quite some time, but the need got to be too urgent to ignore. It was time.

He staged his selfie drone and set about pilfering and posing, and when he was done, he picked the best shots, and plugged them into his website coding bot. Truth be told, the bot was just Space Thief. Typing on mechanized keys, entering bits and boops into the machine.

Finally, it was done. And y’all can give it a look. It’s phone friendly, so no need to lug all your desktop equipment to your couch to have a gander. Come on down, and let us know what you think. Unless you hate it, then maybe just keep that to yourself.